Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Color Schemes Project #1: Analogous Colors Portrait of Jeff Buckley

Okay...this has probably been the longest project I have worked on ever. This took me about a week....I know I can tweek it even more...but I'm ending it here. For the project I used mainly Prismacolor NuPastels on drawing paper. Now, the subject of this project was basically anything. I couldn't think of what to I went with portraiture. The hardest part was drawing Jeff Buckley's nose and you can see the changes I've made in the picture below:
I'm glad I'm at least satisfied with it. Most of the projects that I do, I am never satisfied with and I hate that feeling. But with this project, I feel like it's pretty complete. Now, on the other hand, I did spend way too much time on this particular artwork than the other one. So my other neglected artwork doesn't make me as satisfied as this one. Just seeing all the changes that it went through makes me happy. I remember going from the 2nd drawing to the 3rd but in between I had felt like I ruined the entire artwork...but eventually I kept going, inspired by Jeff Buckley's music.

Now I entirely know that it looks nothing like him but I wanted just a smidgen of some kind of resemblance which is why it went through soo much changes. Here's the final pic:

And here's the reference pic:

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Salvador Dali Cartoon

I saw this picture on someone's tumblr. The pun is too great to ignore!

Professor Marie Hannigova's "Scalpel, Please" Exhibition!

Today, I attended Professor Marie Hannigova's "Scalpel, Please" Exhibition and it was a really great experience. I felt as if Professor Hannigova's work was very interactive and really engaged the viewer. Here are some pictures that I took of the exhibition:

I had never seen her work personally before but now, I can't wait to see what she'll create next.

To see more of her work you can click the link:

Monday, November 1, 2010

Artist Focus: Jean-Michel Basquiat

        The first time I had ever heard of Jean-Michel Basquiat was when my brother brought home a movie called "Basquiat" (I 100% recommend) about an unexpected artist who struggles with the addiction of drugs and lavishing in the attention the glamorous world of art embraced him with but also discovering the solitude and isolation that fame brought to him. His story is one that still remains in my mind when it comes to artwork but for some reason, when my 2D class was assigned a research paper, I did not know why I didn't remember to pick Basquiat. To me, he is an underrated hero, the unexpected underdog who succeeds tremendously, but then falls back again into a life of despair and hardship. He is human, he is a misunderstood human artist and his artwork reveals that.

          Even though his artwork may look childish to some, for me, it's something that reveals to me what is in his head, what his emotions are, his thoughts, his perceptions. The random words, the strange markings, his trademark crown. Everything means something, at least to him and hopefully to someone who perceives his artwork.

David Bowie as Andy Warhol, Jeffrey Wright as Jean-Michel Basquiat
         I remember when I saw the film, I desperately wished I could have been there to see this great artist; to see his famous moniker "SAMO" graffitied in the alleyways of New York City. For a long time, he struggled with drugs and lost many friends along the way when the art world discovered him. Because of his struggle with drugs and when fame seemed to fade away, Basquiat ultimately lost the struggle and battle over drugs.

            Jean-Michel Basquiat was only 27 years old when he died of an overdose. His artwork is one of many that deeply affects me. I am emotionally attached and in some ways, know what he feels. His artwork is nostalgic for me. And to know that his artistic and creative life was cut short and lessened his time to discover something stable and right in his life, makes me feel even more in his artworks.

          He is one of my favorite artists of all time and always will be.