Sunday, December 19, 2010

Artist Focus: Keira Rathbone

I recently just discovered the artwork of Keira Rathbone. She has a unique and inventive way of creating her own original pieces. Instead of using paintbrushes, pens or pencils, Keira Rathbone uses a vintage typewriter. One of her recent commissioned typewriter artworks is of the current President, Barack Obama, as seen below.


At first, you aren't exactly able to see every detail of each letter and symbol used to create this image, but if you look closer, you'll be able to see it.

She uses this technique in a variety of subjects ranging from Architecture, to still life, to nature. To see more of her artwork you can click here

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Exhibition Review: SFMoMA, The Anniversary Show


    The Anniversary Show is one of the exhibits that was held in the SFMoMA. It is an exciting, interesting and eclectic exhibition. Overall the entire works were all very much different but they were all interesting and unique in their own way. 5 artists work that I enjoyed were from Barry McGee, Richard Diebenkorn, Jeff Koons, Leslie Shows and David Park. The general theme of the exhibition was varied and I think it really was for bringing together various artworks and putting it into one exhibition.

   One of the artworks that we spent a lot of time on, was Untitled by Barry McGee. Barry McGee artwork is one of the more unique artworks in the exhibit. The sheer size of the entire artwork is one of the main reasons as to why it’s such an amazing piece of work. McGee incorporates variety by changing the size of the frames of each picture/painting/drawing. The colors are also varied and he places orange/red squares in different spots to help rest the viewers eyes from the countless of pictures and picture frames. I thought it was ironic that he used red/orange for a resting place for the viewers eyes, as red/orange are in itself, colors that are very vibrant and sharp.

    I think the theme of the exhibit is to really show the audience, unique and interesting new artworks that is not a conventional collection that other museums collect. It was refreshing to see fresh, relatable artwork, in a sense. Most of these artworks really cannot be compared as they are unique and stand out alone by themselves, such as the Michael Jackson and Bubbles porcelain statue. Most of these artworks are meant for this particular exhibition to show the uniqueness and its one-of-a-kind feeling.

    I think in most of the artworks, each artist has their reason as to why they made their particular work. McGee, I believe made it to reflect his interests in graffiti and artwork. I think his artwork expresses and illustrates the young generation of today. McGee used a various of mixed media and to me, it creates a lot of variety from the rest of the paintings and drawings in the exhibition. His artwork stood out the most to me.
    The overall tones and colors from this particular artwork really impress upon me that it’s meant to be eye-catching and it is all meant for attention. McGee is successful in this and also tells the viewer a story through each and every painting, drawing and picture.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Artist/Artwork Critique

      I recently discovered Irina Vinnik about 2 or 3 months ago. Her artwork and sketchbook drawings have inspired me to become much more detailed orientated when it comes to creating a piece of artwork. Irina Vinnik is precise, bold and confident and this is evident in her art. Whether it's through the marks she makes or how it's composed, Vinnik creates elaborate, complicated designs that look as if they can be simply made with practice and patience.
     The intent of this artwork is simply to create a very unique, beautiful and interesting design and I believe that Vinnik has achieved this. The composition of this piece works wonderfully and is very balanced. There is no real top heavy or bottom heavy balance, it is balanced by bringing in more shading and black in the center to pull the audience in ward. I think that Vinnik deliberately inserts the checkered patterns into the organic and flowing design to contrast the whole feeling of the piece. From feeling too organic or too natural, she incorporates angular patterns within the design.
     My immediate reaction, both intellectually and emotionally is of awe and wonder. Often times, when I see other artwork similar to this, I feel it's too over complicated and chaotic. This is more of a flowing and much more appealing to the eyes. The overall structure of the work is quite beautiful and different. Every design, such as the branches or the hair-like flowing objects near the bottom, all compliment each other to make the entire piece work. Vinnik utilizes repetition in the similar organic-ness of each object and she also uses rhythm and a visual hierarchy. Whenever I see this artwork, I start from the bottom and make my way to the top of the design. Most of the shapes can be characterized as organic and biomorphic.
     Vinnik uses color to spruce up the intense design. She saturates the boldness of the black to makes it more appealing to the eyes. I believe Vinnik uses lines of continuity. All of the lines are connected and apart of each other to create an organic feeling. I think that Vinnik's artwork relates to the larger context of the world of art by adding and contributing a unique, perhaps inspired design. She beautifully makes each of her designs with care and that is what is most important. To create a design or artwork carefully, this will ensure that the audience feels and reacts emotionally and intellectually to an artwork/design.

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